Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you want to do a candy buffet at your big event but don't want to worry about the set up and all the details in creating one? Do you need professionals to come in and swoop you off your sweet treat taste buds and make your special day, even better? Sweet Treats Buffet has a habit of creating one -of- a- kind candy buffet displays that make jaws drop! You can trust us with all your party planning, candy buffet creating, needs. 

Just email us at sweettreatsbuffet@gmail.com.

We will get back to you in 1 or 2 business days and give you all the information you need.

Please provide:
  •  the event date
  • what the event is
  • your budget
  • the colors or theme of the event
  • what candies you'd like to include ( if you have a preference at this point
We hope to hear from you soon!

-Sweet Treats buffet

Colors or bland?

You DO NOT need lots of gaudy colors to make your candy buffet look beautiful. Like the picture above, you can make your buffet look very elegant with just a touch of color. 

It's all about DISPLAY DISPLAY DISPLAY. You can work with very little decor, as long as you display your items in a creative way, you're buffet will look great! I personally believe that the cutest jars for andy are apothecary jars. They are so diverse and you can get so many different shapes and sizes. Of course if you are on a budget, try to find them wholesale or resale at thrift stores because they can get pricey. 

-sweet treats buffet <3

To create or not create!?

When creating a candy buffet or even a "sweet treat" buffet, you always want to make sure you buy more than enough supplies. You DO NOT want the buffet to run out before the party is over! Buy plenty of candies and/or "goodies" (cupcakes, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries,etc) for your guests to enjoy at the party as well as at home! Candy buffets can be used as a substitute for an expensive dessert and can be the party favor for your guests as well! 

Candy buffets can look really boring and plain. Here are a few tips on how to make your buffet look full and appetizing!!! :
  • Don't just buy a bunch of jars of all the same size; buy apothecary jars of all sizes.
  • If apothecary jars are too expensive for your tight budget, go to wal mart and thrift stores to find a variety of jars and bowls for cheap!
  • Decorate the table with flower petals (for weddings) or themed items, matching the theme of your party!
  • Tie ribbons around the jars, creating a cute feel to the table.
  • Put boxes underneath the linens to create different levels: it makes the table look full and fabulous!
  • I can't stress enough about having more than ENOUGH candy. @ least a 1/2 per person.
  • Order your candy wholesale...it is MUCH cheaper! (wholesale license's are CHEAP!)

Visit:adayremembered.com/candy_buffet For more details!